If you are looking for photos from a recent shoot
1. Go to the category that applies to you on the toolbar (left side of page)
2. Find your name or the name of the event you are looking for
3. Look through the photos
FYI: there is not currently a shopping cart attached so 
1. separately write down the photo# you would like to buy 
2. send an email to ac@allycadyphotos.com with the event title and the photo numbers 
3. contact with any questions. 

This chart may be helpful
Photo #      Print size      Number of Prints 
              |                    |                               
              |                    |                               
              |                    |                               
              |                    |                               
              |                    |                               
This site is a collection of galleries from events. If you are looking for a specific event that was covered by Ally Cady Photography, you are in the right place. Above are directions and pages organized to help you navigate to the event or shoot you are looking for. If you are looking for contact info, pricing, or a portfolio please use the button above to visit the main site.
If you have any questions use the above button to return to the main site and send the photographer an email

Thanks for checking out Ally Cady Photography
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